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Hello folks, We are pleased to announce that Nollyconnect has begun the process of evolving in to a new and more exciting platform for our subscribers. Please note that we at Nollyconnect are still committed to delivering informed and quality content from Nollywood to our dear subscribers. Our new approach promises to be

Chinaza Onuzo Shares Script for ”The Arbitration” movie [Download]

Download script for the arbitration movie by Chinaza Onuzo

One of the founders of Inkblot Productions, Chinaza Onuzo is the writer/producer of The Arbitration as well as ''The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai''. A few days ago, Chinazo took to his twitter account to share the script for the movie ''The Arbitration'' which was recently released on Netflix. In his twitter post

Four major film distribution channels in Nollywood

Film distribution channels in Nollywood

Four major film distribution channels in Nollywood In recent times, film distribution has been an arduous task for filmmakers. Just finding funding for your production alone is an incredible achievement. Film distribution is simple the process of releasing your film for public consumption. Most independent filmmakers still make movies, without planning on how

Five Major Film Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Film Distribution Companies in Nigeria

Five major film distribution companies in Nigeria. Let’s start by knowing what Film Distribution means. Film distribution is the process of making a movie available for viewing by an audience. This is normally the task of a professional film distributor, who would determine the marketing strategy for the film, the media by