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Movie Trailer Approval By NFVCB

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Movie Trailers are intended primarily to promote exhibition, performance or sale of copies of a film to the public. Naturally you want to promote your movies on all available platform to give it the needed promotion and publicity. Here are some information you might find useful about promoting your trailer on TV stations.

  1. The National Film & Video Censors Board issues what is called trailer/ promo code. This is a code that will be presented to TV stations informing them that your movie trailer has been approved for all audiences. The code will run on the screen anytime your trailer is been shown on air.
  1. All trailers intended for TV must be submitted to and approved by the National Film & Video Censors Board prior to the use on TV stations.
  1. Your trailer is expected to be suitable for all audience to watch whenever it runs on TV. Your trailer therefore should not depict realistic or excessive violence, brutality or scary images, nudity, sex, offensive gestures and language, or otherwise objectionable imagery. Trailer material is approved when, in the judgement of the Board, when its content are appropriate for all audience.
  1. If your trailer is not approved the first time you can always go back to the studio and re-present another suitable trailer.
  1. Keep in mind that if you do not adhere to the guidelines of the Board on movie trailers you won’t be issued a trailer code and TV stations won’t also accept your trailer without a code from the Board.

Film makers might be wondering why the strict rules on just a simple trailer. Well it is the Boards intention that under-age viewers are not influenced negatively or frightened whenever a movie trailer comes up on TV.

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    1. Hi Chiemela, if you are in Lagos you can go to their office at Ikoyi, Beside Alagbon close and tell them you want to confirm your title.

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