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Join Nollyconnect as it evolves into a new and existing platform


Hello folks,

We are pleased to announce that Nollyconnect has begun the process of evolving in to a new and more exciting platform for our subscribers.

Please note that we at Nollyconnect are still committed to delivering informed and quality content from Nollywood to our dear subscribers.

Our new approach promises to be highly educational and informative to our subscribers and anyone seeking to build an exciting career in Nollywood.

While scouring through our analytics, we observed that viewers engaged more with contents that proved more valuable and educative to them. This discovery formed part of the reasons why we now plan on delivering more contents that will be of the highest value to our subscribers and aspiring individual seeking to make an impact in Nollywood.

Nollyconnect is seeking to provide a platform where indispensable resources pertaining to the Nigerian film industry can be harnessed by both the young and the old.

We are no authority in Nollywood but part of our mission is mining the internet for valuable contents that will be beneficial to our subscribers and anyone looking to explore the dynamic world of Nollywood. We plan on finding great content and delivering it to you in a way that’s organized and meaningful.

Moving forward, our contents will fall into various categories, such as for actors, crew, the business of film, techy stuff, insights from experts etc.

So join us on this exciting journey in creating an online community that aims to forge sustainable creative careers in a rapidly changing world.







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