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Why Ay’s ‘A Trip to Jamaica’ Will Be Another Hit

AY has released the trailer for his new movie  titled A Trip To Jamaica. And is here again to take your money. Hate it him or love him, there is no taking out the fact that he knows what his audience want.

It’s been almost two years since his last movie 30 days in Atlanta. Which is said to be the highest grossing Nigerian movie in cinemas.

Ay is someone I like to describe as a fast thinker and like I earlier said knows what his audience want.

Without further ado, here is why I think a trip to Jamaica is going to be another hit.

AY Is The King Of Publicity

When it comes to publicising his events and shows I think no one does it better than AY. He aggressively uses all the medium available to push out his gigs. You can be rest assured that he’ll lay his hands on every available platform to publicise his events.

He Cuts Across All Classes

Let’s agree that the cinema culture is still elitist at this stage, but AY seems to have broken than culture for his last movie, 30 days in Atlanta. I personally witnessed a large crowd of people from a certain area come out to watch this movie. This class of people ordinarily wouldn’t spend a dime on seeing a movie in the cinema, because to them it is luxury. It was the first time ever in a cinema hall for quite a few of them.

People Want To Have A Good Laugh

The average Nigerian really just wants to have a good laugh and ease up the tension of the everyday hustle and bustle. This is another reason why i think AY is going to cash out with his latest movie.

Watch the Trailer A Trip to Atlanta Below:


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